We Build On Your Lot

*Offer is for newly constructed homes on your lot. Woven Built only builds 5 new homes a year.

Highest Quality

Woven Built really can build a higher-quality home for less! We limit our builds each year to maximize our focus and resources.

Lower Cost

Be 1 of the 5 who will build for 20% LESS. Connect with us to learn more about our cost-saving options.


Actually, Woven Built, really can build a higher-quality home for less! We do it five times a year, as a matter of fact. If you have a bid from another builder that you would like to compare, please come check us out! It does not cost you anything and there are no obligations to build with us. If you do not have a design, but want a rough estimate, or would like to learn more about Woven Built, engage us. 

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Simple! We have a pool of captive subcontractors that will support the workload. If we try and build fewer, the subcontractors could work for others and that takes their focus away from Woven Built. If we build more than five, Woven Built would need to hire more subcontractors, thereby, making it difficult for us to verify their quality of work and customer service. However, at five, everything runs smoothly for the subcontractors, for us, and most importantly for the homeowner.

Woven Built Homes

Your Dream Home is Our Dream Build

Woven Built was created in response to the seemingly endless rise in the cost of owning a new home. Prices are rising in response to the increase in materials and the short supply of available homes. Plus, interest rates are now rising making mortgages higher still.

What we provide through our business model is simple: the highest quality custom home, at unbeatable prices. Contact us to learn more.

About the Logo

The weave is our logo because it’s our business model. Woven Built weaves the expertise of our sub-contractors, the 40 years of experience Virgil gained building 500+ homes, and the unique desires of you, the homeowner.

We’ve Been Building For Over 40 Years

In 1981, Virgil began building custom cabinets for local home buyers in the New Braunfels and South-Central Texas region. He was quickly moved from the shop to the job site where he was promoted to Superintendent, monitoring the total home construction. Soon after, Virgil was appointed Project Manager and eventually grew to Builder.
Virgil has seen many changes over the past 40 years and he has grown with the times. This brings us to the here and now. Today, Virgil is in a position to weave his knowledge and homeowner’s dreams into a beautiful home at a comfortable price.
Virgil Owner of Woven Built


What People are Saying

“Still Amazed”

When we were told they could take our existing design, and build it for 20% less, with all the exact same amenities of wood floors, granite, all stone exterior etc., I still doubted it. And then Virgil went and did it. Still amazed five years later.


“Thrilled at the Price”

We were thrilled at the pricing but we were really building our last home and had a long list of unique things we wanted in our house. Virgil worked with us throughout the design process to help us design our home. He is great to work with. Our home was finished over 2 years ago and all we can say is you’re foolish if you do not try to be one of his 5.


“On Schedule & In Budget”

When my husband and I retired we wanted to build on our lot but prices went up so much during COVID we had no idea how to make our budget work. Virgil spent hours with us and today our new home is on schedule and maybe more important it’s just what we wanted and it is – amazingly – in our budget.